Entry #2

Finally I updated my website

2012-05-15 05:50:12 by TheTweener

I recently updated my website....

I removed all the unnecessary items and made it neat, well I believe it's neat.... :/

What is your opinion about it?
Does it require any modification? How is it?


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2012-05-17 23:54:42

That's pretty neat

TheTweener responds:

u think so?....thnks


2012-05-22 09:44:43

My opinion:
Change the theme of your website to something more appropriate to CG arts and animation. Right now, It's too simple or boxy.
Put some free tutorials, animation tips and tricks .... on your website.
By the way, I have watched all your Toon Boom tutorials and they were great. I wonder why you removed them.

TheTweener responds:

Oh thanks.......I removed them because I'm not getting any replies in youtube and I thought people are not commenting as the tutorials were rubbish...If you think it is cool I'll make more tutorials....THANKS